About Us

Faurn is a producer, a retailer, a wholesaler, a service provider, a listener.

Faurn produce fashion scarves, shawls, wraps, gloves, hats, umbrellas, any kind accessories for Men and Women and Kids.

Faurn sell above items on Amazon, on Faurn.com as “self retailer”.

Faurn welcome Resellers, Vendors, Suppliers, Distributors to take no matter big or small scale business purchase.

Faurn even can provide label Your Brand service for entity stores.

Faurn collect tons of shopping demands and ideas from customers. Then make one that they need. The size, the color, the pattern, the fabric and etc.

However Faurn is answer to question robot. Throw your needs, your questions, your quotes, and we will get you within 1 business day.

Currently you can buy Faurn Products ON WWW.FAURN.COM or from certain ways below:


Amazon.com Store Name: NUVOLA GARMENT

This info will be updated from time to time. Please make sure to check this out properly.

We are enhancing your shopping experience all the time. Feel free to let us know your questions through support@faurn.com

Before Buying

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